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End of the story.


So my boyfriend and I get to Owl City concerts at 8 in the morning to make sure we’re the first in line at the venue to get front row. With that being said, we had quite a bit of time to kill before the doors opened at 6. At the last concert we went to we decided to bring chalk, and for hours we decorated the entire sidewalk all around the venue. It was a HUGE hit, and even Adam’s band (beside the always shy Adam) came out and took pictures of it all for themselves. Truly incredible experience, and at the end of the concert Adam’s owlsome manager hooked us up with signatures from him. (: One of, if not the best concerts I’ve ever been to! 


How to flirt with girls: Owl City style.

I can’t even describe how humbled and honored I am for your endless support. I feel really undeserving and I’m so thankful to you all.

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some people are worth melting for

I’m so happy

ohGod imma cry

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